Update the Zendesk app to show linked feedback and feature requests for that ticket

Lisa W on Dec. 22, 2022:

When we create a piece of feedback from Savio, it adds an internal note. We would prefer it if it acted more like the Linear Zendesk app.

Something like this:

  • Search for an existing feature request

  • Choose to link to it if it exists, or create and add feedback. No comment = simple upvote, comment = feedback

  • In the Zendesk app, show the first few words (similar to the Savio inbox) with a way metadata and a way to click on the feedback to get to Savio to make edits and additions

While this isn't a must-have, it would make things much more manageable. Right now, we log the feature request and ask the user for more details about their story or use case. When those details come in, it's a bear to find the existing feedback and add to it. This would be a huge time-saver and helps to ensure we don't miss these crucial details.

Want us to build this for you?