Sync Features with GitHub Issues


This is to track the status of a feature while it's under development.

For this we'd:

  1. Let you push a button in Savio to create a GitHub issue OR link a Savio Feature to a GitHub Issue

  2. Show the link to the GitHub issue in Savio

  3. When the GitHub issue was Closed, mark the feature as Shipped in Savio (and potentially notify you by e.g. email)

Lachlan R on Feb. 14, 2022:

Having Savio integrate with GitHub would mean our CS team wouldn't need to visit GitHub to see the status of a feature being implemented, and reduce the risk that the Product Manager fails to update that Feature Request's status in Savio so that Customer Success can see that status in our CRM. Just trying to let each team do what they need to do and stay in the tools where they do all their work. For us, that means the engineering team stay in GH, but for me as the Product Manager, it would mean we close the loop with more customers and reduce the incidence of publishing a feature but failing to shout about it!

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