Linear integration

Lisa W on July 7, 2022:

Would love to have an integration for Linear that is similar to the Jira integration.

Cormac M on Dec. 14, 2022:

+1 on Linear

Sarah C on Jan. 19, 2023:

It's our product management tool and we HAVE to make this integrate or else the efficiencies we're looking for are non-existent.

Hervé L on March 23, 2023:

We're using Linear as our main development workflow management tool

Lachlan R on April 14, 2023:

Whether a feature request in Savio gets mapped in Linear to a Project (large), a Feature (moderate) or a Task (small-ish) it would be beneficial to not have to update the status in two places.
My organisation uses Linear to integrate into GitHub (and I suspect others are in the same boat) so the work done by devs in PRs, when released, automatically updates the status in Linear, which in turn makes it evident to Product (via Savio) which customers we want to notify personally about their request.

Want us to build this for you?